Faith matters

Today I preached a sermon on what faith means to me, and how I understand it.  It's a question I am often asked, especially by friends (and other folks) who are curious, but slightly bemused.  

For me, faith It is not so much for me about believing in dogma, but rather about trusting in God, as far as I am able to perceive God.  Faith is holding fast to the conviction that God is love, and love will have the last word in life and death.   Faith is much more a verb than a noun - it is about doing, serving, loving, action.  As we reach out and serve our neighbours, I believe we meet God in them and in our relationships; especially as we reach out in compassion to those who need our help.

To some, I know, this may seem like wishful thinking, naivety, or foolishness.  And that's fine by me, others can draw their own conclusion.  But I am convinced that the way of this man Jesus is the truth that brings life to the world.  When I see his way of life, his willingness to die for others - I see God, and retain hope for the world.